Contemporary Suite

In our hotel contemporary room is a special type of room which consists of basic and simple designs with clean lines and sharp edges. To make our hotel contemporary room unique we have paid attention to every minute details. That is why we have created wonderful elements, such as unique lighting fixtures that look like simple and distinctive high-end artworks.  This room is air conditioned and has a flat-screen TV, cozy Queen size bed and spacious wardrobe, and Wifi.

French Suite

It creates a unique feeling of sophistication for you. Our French Style room style is beautiful, elegant and stylish, so if you are looking for an elegant and sophisticated hotel room, you should try our French room. Keep in mind that our French room has symmetry in everything from lighting to furniture design according to French style.

Mexican Suite

Our hotel has many distinctive features and our Mexican Room is one of them. It is clearly distinguished and required dedication to build. Our Mexican room has a warm and cozy atmosphere and intricate interiors.  Colors, handcrafted textiles, tiles, plants, artifacts and traditional doors collectively add colors in our hotel’s Mexican style room. which will make your stay a unique one! 

Victorian Suite

Our Victorian Room is unique and full of special historical things and open for the world’s best interior designers to take inspiration and visitors to enjoy the royal experience. Our Victorian room reflects the historical Victorian era in this post-modern age and you feel amazing. A room which has all modern facilities with the blend of the Victorian theme.